Event Info:

Start Date: March 11, 2016
End Date: May 27, 2016
Clue Release Info: Weekly on Fridays at 8 AM EST
Number of Clues: 12 Clues
Finished Sizes: Approximately 79" x 90 1/2" or 59 1/2" x 68" without borders
Skill Level: Confident Beginner (basic cutting & can sew 1/4" seam)
Instagram Hashtag: #DBQ2016Mystery


I am excited to say that I will be running another Mystery Quilt Along this year. Keep checking back on this page.  Because a bunch of new content will be going up, the old 2015 Mystery Quilt Along Clues will come down. For those interested in the pattern after the clues come down, a PDF version of the pattern will be made available for purchase from my Craftsy Store.

Like before, clues will be distributed weekly, on Fridays, but will not run as long as the previous Mystery QAL. Thanks to your feedback I am working to more evenly distribute the workload. This will also mean that instead of 19 weeks this QAL will be 12 weeks long. 

This is one of my absolute favorite quilts I've designed. I will be making it twice and the larger of the 2 quilts will be going on my bed. Not only will there be alternate final layout options, but the instructions will be for 2 different sizes; the larger quilt is approximately 79" x 90 1/2" and the smaller size 59 1/2" x 68", both before borders.

Similar to before the fabric and cutting instructions will be released on the start date. There are also a few other changes. Read about them below. If you have any questions that are not covered in the home page for the event, please submit them through the contact me form on the website.

What is a Mystery?

A mystery quilt is a quilt you start without knowing the finished design. Fabric and cutting instructions are first provided; throughout the course of the quilt along you receive detailed sewing instructions for each step, and end up with a finished quilt top. They are a good time to select fabrics outside of your normal comfort zone, as well as good skill builders.

Clue Distribution:

Clue distribution this time is getting a bit of a makeover. As I've learned more about running and managing my site more options for distribution have opened up. Here are some of the changes:

  • There will be a printer friendly version of each clue. You will be able to access it on the individual clue pages.
  • A signup list specifically for this event will be set up. It will provide notification of clue release & announcements specifically pertaining to this QAL (you will still have to visit the site to get your clue though).
  • As before, the clues will all be listed, and accessible on this home page (which will evolve over the next few weeks).

Social Media & Sharing:

My social media platform has expanded. Depending on the social media platform you prefer, there are a couple options listed below.

  • Instagram - #dbq2016mystery is the Instagram hashtag I will be using. Please use this hashtag if sharing anything related to this QAL so participants can easily see what everyone is doing (and I can try and add an Instagram feed to this page).
  • Facebook - You have a couple options. You can like and follow the Desert Bloom Quilting Facebook Page where clue links and updates will be posted, or you can join the 2016 DBQ Mystery QAL Group and chat and get to know other participants. 
  • Flickr - There is a Flickr Group set up for participants to add pictures to. Similar to the Instagram feed, I am looking at possibilities for adding a Flickr feed as well.
  • If you blog or run your own website here is the code to add a button and show you are participating in the Quilt Along.
2016 DBQ Mystery Quilt Along

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