Chevron Baby Quilt Tutorial

This post has been a while in the making, but I really wanted to do this as a tutorial using the Creative Grids 45/90 Triangle Ruler. Making Half Square Triangles (HST) the traditional way is on my list of loathed activities, this ruler makes them super quick and easy. As an added bonus you can cut your strips 1/2" larger than the finished size of your block (as opposed to 7/8"). This makes it very useful for precuts, and means you can use a slotted strip ruler for faster strip cutting.

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The Calm Before the Storm

Calm, yeah, right, sure. I laughed as I typed the headline, but really with the 2016 Mystery starting this Friday, and me being prepared, you would think life would be relatively calm. It isn't, and that is perfectly ok, but what it means is I've been far to neglectful of the blog since it has been the lowest priority on the list.

This is going to just be a quick post to get caught up on current events.

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What a Hoot

Babies, babies, and more babies. At least that seems to be where me and my friends are in our lives right now. One great thing about everyone having babies is it gives me an excuse to make baby quilts. Those cute, fun, unique quilts that are loved and cherished by their little owners until they are shreds of what they once were. Literally loved to pieces. At least that is my hope when I make them. This week I'm going to introduce What a Hoot which I'm in the process of making for a friend.

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