Creative Spaces Blog Hop: Week 5

Thread, thread, and more thread (and I guess buttons, zippers, and ribbon too) is the theme for this week on the Creative Spaces Blog Hop. A year or so ago I would have thought this was a strange topic with not a lot to show, but of course as time goes on my thread collection grows. Not only in color, but in spool size and different thread weights as well. As far as thread brands go I am pretty much a 1 trick pony though. I pretty much sew with Aurifil thread. 

REVISED Week Five.png

Now my organization for all of this week's items is very piecemeal. Over time I have accumulated many different small storage containers. Not having a lot of time or extra money to buy pretty matching storage, I make these containers I have work for me. For all my larger Aurifil spools I use a thread rack my dad picked up at a garage sale. The rack is almost full so I will be looking for another one, and would like to eventually hang it on the wall.


For my cones of Aurifil, that I use on my Market Samples that get quilted on a long arm, because of size those are currently kept in one of the cubbies. I have a bag of small 28wt Aurifil spools that have been kept seperate since they were used specifically for my Playful Pachyderm Island Batik Samples. These will eventually have a home once I get an additional thread rack. 

On to buttons, zippers, and ribbons. Not things I have very much of. They aren't things I use often, and also not the type of sewing items I tend to impulse buy. For my ribbons I use an old box from when I was a teenager. Please note the Tigger on the front. This of course has the ribbon because I needed an excuse to keep the box (which means it needed to store something lol).

My zippers and zipper pulls are in a small open top box that I picked up from when my mom was cleaning out her house. It was a good size and works for now. Eventually I will need to find an different solution for the zippers, but this works for now. My button collection is also very small, so I use a jar from Ikea just to keep them in one place.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my thread and embellishment storage. I have a new personal giveaway up for weeks 5 & 6. The prize for this giveaway will be a couple spools of Aurifil thread in different thread weights. 

Make sure to take the time to visit all the other designers this week to see their storage solutions!