Creative Spaces Blog Hop: Week 2

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Welcome to my post for Week 2 of the Creative Spaces Blog Hop. Our theme this week is Favorite Tools. Can there be a harder topic to write about? I mean really, aren’t all our tools great. Personally, I find it hard to pick a favorite, so I narrowed it down to 5.

REVISED Week Two.jpg

First is my OLFA rotary cutters. How can you not love your rotary cutter as a quilter? I use my 60mm & 45mm cutters regularly, and both have Endurance Blades on them. Now if you’ve never experienced one of these blades, let me tell you they are AMAZING. I was gifted a 45mm blade at Spring 2017 market to try, and I was sold. The blade was still going strong, and I was able to cut 6-8 layers even after 6 months of cutting. Sadly, that poor blade got nicked on a pin and I had replace it. My new one on the 45mm cutter is going strong since January of this year. My 60mm blade is also now an endurance blade.


Next in my list of favorite tools is my OLFA rotating cutting mat. I love my regular cutting mat, don’t get me wrong, but when I’m cutting a lot of small pieces it is better to move the mat and not the fabric. This tool makes that easy, especially if you are stacking and cutting multiple layers or cutting across both diagonals.


Of course, just as you need your cutter and mat, you need a ruler, and my favorite in that category is my Creative Grids Stripology Ruler (CGRGE1). This ruler is great if you are cutting a lot of little pieces. It really cuts down on the time it takes to cut strips and standard size cuts! Who doesn’t like tools that make their sewing faster?


So, this next one is a bit different, but some of the unsung heroes of our sewing is the tools we use to clean our machines. This is why I am including sewing machine oiler (one with a nice fine tip) and my cleaning brushes in my list of favorite tools. Regular cleaning makes for a happy machine, and happy machines make better stitches.

A quick note. There are various different oils for machines. Make sure to check with a dealer for your type of machine if you are unsure of which oil to use!


Last but not least is my favorite foot for my machine. This would be the Bernina #72 ruler work foot. This foot enables you to be able to use rulers as a guide while free motion quilting. Bernina really got it right on this one. I have previously tried ruler work on a different brand machine and gave up because I spent so much time struggling to just get the foot setup right. With the Bernina foot I just put it on and I can get beautiful results without the hassle.


Thank you for stopping by and reading about my favorite tools! There is a grand prize giveaway happening over on Cherry Blossoms Quilt Studio blog kindly provided by Crafter's Edge.


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