Rank & File Mini Quilt

I am clearly a sucker for fabric lines that are rich and full (and rainbow). This Island Batik season was particularly challenging for me. There were just soooooooo many beautiful lines. Too many to work with them all.

Of course, the line named after my favorite wine just happened inspire me, and hey, one must enjoy the wine of the same name while working with the fabric. Beaujolais is starting to arrive in stores, and I have yet to introduce my project, and show off some beautiful fabric.

Introducing Rank & File Mini. It uses 5" precut squares and measures 18" x 22 1/2" finished, and it is a fun, quick project for showing off your fabrics. 

Since I went scrappy and free (and because I had so much fun making it) I also made a larger version of Rank & File in the Zen line, where I chose to grade the fabrics and create an entirely different feel.

Rank & File Samples 1.jpg

Both patterns are now available in PDF on my Craftsy store.
Rank & File
Rank & File Mini

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