Blossoming Batiks

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Oh,  hi there! It has been a while since I’ve posted. Much longer than I had hoped. So let’s talk about that for a second. For a little over a year I’ve been struggling with back issues. I took a tumble down the stairs and that highlighted an injury in my back from my time in the Marine Corps. Healing has been slow because of my natural affinity to find, and trip over, just about anything.

While it slowed me down a little, it was more of an uncomfortable inconvenience until Memorial Day, when I somehow (changing a diaper) ended up with a bulging disk that was pushing on the sciatic nerve. Healing has crawled by, therapy time consuming, so my normal pace has slowed down quite significantly (but not entirely).  Thankfully, because of planning ahead, I had June’s Island Batik top done.

June’s Modern Batik Challenge

This challenge had me excited. One of my personal goals is to work on my design skills in areas outside my comfort zone. While the bright colors and high contrast of modern quilting really appeals to me, one place I struggle is with minimalism and alternate grid work, so that was my focus in this quilt. Also, I didn’t want to wait for all my bee blocks to come back from the Phoenix MQG, to see the idea in my head.

For the fabric I chose to use a Desert Rose strip pack and Sprinkles for my background. The colors in Desert Rose are very bright and also have wonderful depth. I LOVE this line, and if I could afford to buy bolts of every fabric from it I would.


Strips were the perfect cut for this project. I needed a good variety, and not only did the strip pack give me that, but some batiks offer a lot of variety even in in one design. In one strip you may be able to get purple, orange, and blue units by fussy cutting (which I did quite a bit of for this).

Fussy Cutting Fun!

Fussy Cutting Fun!


The fabrics were arranged to transition from dark to light as you move into the pinwheel. I’m including pictures of some of the units in both color, and black and white for comparison.

When cutting out the pieces I used the Creative Grids 45/90 Multi-Size Triangle Ruler. It is the same one I used to do the Chevron Baby Quilt. It was nice because I had no waste and there were no lines to draw (because lines are evil!). Also, cutting was very quick, and I was able to chain sew. This made the project go very fast.


The entire top went together in about 2 days, and it has been sitting there waiting for June. I was finally able to get out and photograph it yesterday (when it was about 105 an humid). It just happens that it was windy in both the morning and afternoon. My attempts regularly ended up like the picture below.


I was able to get a good picture to share despite the lack of cooperation from the weather.

Playful Paper Piecing

Now let’s go back to May, because I would like to share the progress on May’s project that was not completed because of my back.

May’s Island Batik project was playful paper piecing, and I went with the Take Wing Pattern by lillyella stitchery. I will save a lot of the details of this project for a later post, but there are a couple of pictures of my progress. The fabric was my leftovers from the Desert Rose strip pack, and a couple of additions from my stash.

Secret Sewing

One of the other reasons there has been radio silence, is a quilt that I am putting together to go in the Island Batik catalog, which has a deadline. I can’t tell you much about it yet, but I’m sure it won’t disappoint. As a consolation prize I have included a work in progress picture.