April Showers Challenge

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We often hear that April Showers bring May flowers, but I live in the desert, so when we were told to do something that was rain related, or spring themed, I had to google what rain is. Apparently, in some places, water falls from the sky and makes things wet, and helps flowers and plants grow. I'm envious because I would love to see it myself. 

I kid, I kid. We do get rain here, but in such small amounts , and so infrequently (that I act like a crazy toddler when it does....) that when I think spring, rain does not come to mind, but while putzing around, Totoro holding an umbrella came across my Facebook feed, and I thought, how cute and perfect is this. What I didn't think about was the copyright aspect of the character, so, while I will be making him for me, I will not be posting him as part of this event.

The Design

My next plan was to make a pillow, but what to put on it? Browsing PInterest, I ran across this flower pillow. I loved the simplicity of the 2 fabrics with echo quilting, but I chose to go with a butterfly instead of a flower. I sketched out the butterfly using tribal tattoo art as inspiration. After completing one wing I folded the design in half and traced it.


Since I eventually want to make a few of these, I decided to scan it in and create a line drawing in the computer. This would allow me to, not only print on the fusible, but also play with the design a bit. The original butterfly was longer, and skinnier, so I stretched the image to be about 11" square and removed the little "hump" at the bottom of the wing. It also allowed me to arrange the pieces for printing on a standard size piece of paper. 


The fabrics are both from the Coral Reef line. They had just come in at the local quilt store where I purchased my light fusible interfacing. For this I used the 12" Lite Steam-A-Seam 2.

Coral Reef, SKU 121512186

Coral Reef SKU, 121510190

Coral Reef SKU, 121510190

I got the 12" interfacing because I intended to cut it down to standard paper size, and run it through the printer. An idea I got from one of Susie Webster's Mini Madness posts. Just be aware that if you do this, it needs to be an inkjet printer that does not heat up the fusible. Also, make sure to test which side of the paper your printer prints on before doing it on fusible. I put mine in on the wrong side and the ink rubbed off all over my hands.

For the applique and quilting I used a thread that came in my ambassador box. Superior Threads, Fantastico 5027. This is the second spool of Fantastico I have sewn with, and pardon the pun, but it is fantastic! I was bit pensive about using variegated thread around the applique, but very happy with how it turned out. 


For the quilting, I stitched in the ditch around the butterfly and echoed out at about 1" intervals. The impact of the thread color on the purple fabric was very pleasing so I used it in the quilting as well. It didn't show up great in the final picture so I've included some close up pictures and a picture of the back.


A zipper was installed so the cover would be removable for washing. It turned out much easier to install than I expected. Since I was unsuccessful in finding a pillow form I used one of the pillows off my couch for the picture. Hope you enjoyed this bright and fun pillow! Hop on over and check out the posts of the other ambassadors!

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