A long time ago, In a blog far away...

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There lived a commander and his 3 furry minions. Their evil overlord was plotting great quilting feats to unleash on the world. Always pressing to the dark side, they were relentlessly pursued.

Ok, so it wasn't A LONG time ago, but wow how this year has flown. Today is the one year anniversary of Desert Bloom Quilting! I had no idea when I wrote my first blog post where I would be today, or that the year would pass by so quickly.

A lot has happened. 24 blog posts, 1 mystery quilt event completed, another one started, a mini BOM event completed, and I became an Island Batik Ambassador for 2016, but I won't sit here and recap the whole year in painful detail. Instead, I will focus on the present and keep diving headlong into the future.

Present Projects

Now of course, I am one of those people that works on multiple projects, at all different stages, at a time. I know it is really rare to find that ;). 

Secret Garden

Secret Garden, the 2015 Mystery Quilt is finally getting quilted. Last week it got sandwiched and pinned with a lot of supervision. After some issues with the original thread I picked, all the stitching in the ditch was completed. Unfortunately this did not go as fast as I had hoped because my little commander and I both got sick. 

Island Batik Stuffs

There seems to be a lot going on in my world with Island Batik. The ambassador program is keeping me busy, and I was also crazy enough to take on a second mystery quilt using their fabrics. Clue 1 is done, and clue 2 is in progress. 

This month's event is April Showers and we are supposed to create something that has to do with spring. Originally I was going to make Totoro, but since this is a sponsored event he will have to be completed at a later time. Instead I started an applique project and I've included a sneak peak of what is coming. There is fabric from the Coral Reef line and a really pretty Superior Fantastico thread. 


This year I started teaching again up in Mesa, AZ at A Quilter's Oasis. Feb/May was Cactus Bloom. It was an amazing class and it reminded me how much I love teaching quilters. Last week I also got a text from the owner with the a picture of Cathy Diffenderffer's finished quilt tops! It made my day. She even made it bigger than the original pattern called for.


Wednesday of this week I was able to take a break from the corporate world and teach Talavera Tile. My students had the most wonderful fabric selections and they were VERY different than either of my samples. Really excited to see how these turn out!


The Future

Amy Butler Low Volume Swap

For a while now I've wanted to participate in an Instagram mini swap, so when an Amy Butler Low Volume swap, ran by Wife. Mom. Creator. and trollbrothersquiltmama came up on my feed, I signed up! It has only been a few days, and already expanded my quilting world. Can't wait to start creating for my partner, and eventually see what my partner creates for me!


Future Events

Outside of the swap, and Island Batik Ambassador stuff, I will also be teaching Secret Garden and my Christmas Table Topper at A Quilter's Oasis this summer. For the blog, I am already working on the 2017 Mystery Quilt, and I have a BOM in the planning stages, but no timeline on when that will happen.

No matter what though, I'm excited for the future, and glad you are all along for the ride! Thank you and I hope everyone has had a good Friday.