Phoenix MQG Vitamin D Bee

Yay! I'm finally getting to blog about a few things on my list that have been pending for a while. 

November of last year I finally made it to my first Phoenix MQG Meeting after not making it for almost a year. At that meeting I decided to join for 2016. With a new year starting there were activities to participate in.

Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild

One of those activities is the Vitamin D Bee. Each month someone is the Queen Bee. They provide instructions for a block and kits with the fabric pieces cut and ready to sew. The idea is you do a good bit of work one month, and the other months you help by doing one block. This way a quilt can be put together faster than if you did it by yourself. March was my month to be Queen Bee.

I wanted to do something that captured the essence of modern quilting. High contrast, bright colors, and a block that is a modern adaptation of a traditional pieced block. Flying geese are one of my favorite traditional units so I decided to go with an adaptation on that. 

For fabric I wanted the colors in the block to transition from light to dark in one color way. Each block would be a different color way. To achieve this I bought charm packs of Kona Cotton Solids in Classic, Bright, and Dark pallets. After spending hours moving things around I settled with the fabrics pictured below.

The squares were cut into the pieces needed for the geese, labeled with their value, and combined with Kona solid white. One of the things I also hoped for in doing different color sets is that people would have fun picking their colors when getting their kits. The kits looked really good all lined up and ready to go. I finished them about an  hour before I had to leave for the meeting.

That left just enough time for me to sew my sample block, but I had to stop and take a picture of my little scrap bin. Isn't the rainbow of scraps so pretty?


The block went together quick and easy. I've been seeing some of the finished blocks pop up on Instagram so I'm excited to see what they all look like together when I get them back at this month's meeting. Yellow never found a taker. Since it was an extra kit I'll have to assemble it. Poor yellow. There are a couple of layouts sketched out, but you'll have to wait till I get the blocks back to see where this goes.


This will really be my first quilt firmly in the realm of Modern Quilting, and not traditional with a modern element or 2 thrown in. It has been a fun experience so far. 

Thank you for the visit and read. Hope the beginning of this week finds everyone well!