Mug Rug Madness - Part 2

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Mug o' Love

After making the Mr. Fox mug rug, and deciding I couldn't part with him, I couldn't go without making another mug rug for my friend. After much thought, and scouring Craftsy for free paper pieced patterns, I ran across the Mug o' Love by Jennifer Ofenstein of Sewhooked. It was perfect, and I think I need to make one for my son's teacher for Valentines Day as well.

Just like with Mr. Fox I printed the pattern on regular printer paper, and used a 1.1mm stitch length on my machine. 

I had a bag of green and gold scraps that I had received as a door prize for shopping at ETC. Scrapbooks, Fabric & More on Black Friday. Since I was dying to use some of them that is what I pulled out. The was Round 1 of fabric pulling. I ended up replacing everything but the green newsprint dots. There was just too much of the same texture, and not enough contrast for my taste.

The gold I replaced with a yellow that was left over from a quilt I made for a friend's wedding. The darker green I replaced with a darker green that was left over from the same quilt as the yellow. Background was a random piece of fabric in my scrap bin. 

Now I am a little ashamed to say that it took me an entire mug rug, and many mistakes, to remember the tricks I've learned over time to make paper piecing easier. To hopefully save everyone else the same mistakes I will share them in this post.

First off, just like I did with Mr. Fox, I used a glue stick to tack down the fabric. This works well especially if you are on your first piece or you have a long skinny one that doesn't like to stay down while you prep the next piece. 

Next fold the paper down on the line you will sew on. If you have seams going through it you will have to tear the paper a little. Then trim your fabric down to about a 1/4" (an Add a Quarter ruler is wonderful for this). This gives you something to line your next piece on.

Take the piece you are going to add and place it right side down on the previous piece making sure to line up the edge on the previously cut edge. Hold the whole unit up to the light and you should be able to see if your piece will cover the area where it goes, or how much to cut if you are cutting it off a larger unit. You can click on the pictures below to enlarge them.

Fold down paper on line.

Trim down previous piece as guide for lining up the next piece.

Hold your unit up to the light to see if your piece is large enough.

View of the piece to be added from the other side.

As a result of following those steps from the beginning, this mug rug went FAST. and I didn't miss-cut any of my pieces. There were only 2 parts that were sewn together into the larger block. The cup part and the handle part. I ended up pressing the seam open to cut down on bulk.

The back is another fat quarter that was once used as gift wrap by my aunt. The thread I used for quilting was Sulky 733 4090 variegated thread. The same thread I used for On the Go. Instead of folding the back over I bound this one normally. Clover wonder clips were used to hold it while I machine bound it. 

I was happy with how the mug rug turned out, but if I had it to do all over again, I would use a neutral thread in the background. I felt like the swirls just took over but I liked how the detailing in the mug looked. It would have also given a little more depth to the back, which the friend who got it really loved!