Pumpkin Fest

A quick note. This post contains some affiliate linking and I might receive a small commission when links are clicked. This helps me keep the website running and events like the Mystery Quilt Along free.

Happy Halloween! I'm cutting this Island Batik Ambassador event pretty close (it is still October where I am). I guess it is appropriate that my project theme is Midnight at the Pumpkin Patch! We were asked to create something with pumpkins in it, or using the colors of the pumpkin patch.


I'm not a huge fan of pumpkin projects so I had already decided I wanted to use the colors of the Pumpkin Patch. Making a Lone Star has always been on my quilting bucket list. As soon as I saw the rich fall bundle in our box I knew it would be perfect. Also, I was participating in the #fallingforfallquiltswap (Falling for Fall Quilt Swap) on Instagram and my partner happened to like the bundle when I posted a picture. 


I found a really good tutorial for a 15" Lone Star mini quilt on Hopeful Homemaker, but ended up making a few tweaks along the way.

First, I took the time to trim off the dog ears before assembling the star points. Also, for marking I pulled out my trusty Quilter's Quarter Marker, by SewUnique, to make my marks. I'm not a fan of eyeing things so this tool is one of my favorites. You just find the correct angle on the tool, line it up, and mark in the hole provided. Simple as that. 

Line up the tool on the angle you want to mark and mark through hole.

Line up the tool on the angle you want to mark and mark through hole.

Mark is in the right place each time.

Once my two star halves were assembled I cut my squares, but I did not cut to her numbers for 2 reasons. First, if you cut 5 1/2" squares and then cut on the diagonal, the bias edge is on the outside of the star and will be more prone to stretching and warping when your top is complete. Instead I cut 1 7 1/2" square and cut it across both diagonals so the bias edge was against the biased edges of the stars. 

Also, I like to cut my pieces to size and pin. This is the way I was taught when doing Y seams and I much prefer it. My other squares were cut at 4 7/8" which is just the right size. When cutting to size while doing Y seams and working with bias edges steam is your friend. If you have "wobbles" when pinning you can use steam before sewing and it will help it even out and lay flat.

Next, I sewed my triangles into my star halves, and then assembled the halves and added the other 2 triangles. Last I added the squares. To finish the top I added 2" strips for a small border so the star looked like it was sitting in a dark sky.

As always I had help basting from Snow.


For the quilting I settled on angled straight line quilting about 1/2" apart. For thread I wanted to use something that played nice but didn't match. I ended up going with Aurifil #2890 for the quilting. There is one set of lines in the background that is actually 1" apart. This was done to add a little interest. Originally the plan was to fill that space with filler but once it was done I liked it that way and left it.


The binding was the same fabric as the background (a nice last minute end of bolt find). Once attached I glue basted down the back side of the binding and machine stitched it. For thread on this part I used Aurifil #2692

The top is now on its way to its new home. I hope my partner likes it. I will definitely be making another Lone Star in the future. It was quite fun to make.

Thank you for reading!