Folk Art Quilted Traditions Blog Hop

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Today I have the honor of participating in the Folk Art Quilted Traditions Blog Hop to celebrate the release of Suzy Webster's new book. Her Folk Art Quilted Traditions book is applique designs based off of Hungarian embroidery. Today is the 3rd day of the hop so if you've missed the first 2 days the links are located at the bottom or the post along with a giveaway from Suzy.


The first portion in of the book goes into great detail about applique methods and block assembly. While assembling my project it was very clear that a lot of time and care went into this book. The instructions were very thorough and easy to follow, even for someone like me that generally doesn't follow instructions.

The book contains 12 different blocks and 5 projects. Some projects utilize 1 block while others utilize many. For the hop we were asked to do a project that needs 1 block to complete and I selected the Jeweled Table Runner.

When selecting fabrics I decided to go with very traditional fabrics that have been sitting in my stash for a couple of years now. Originally I had green for the stems, but decided to make them gold. After much deliberation, Block 8 was decided upon for center of the table runner. 


I'm going to come right out and say it. Applique generally isn't my jam. It is a labor of love that produces stunning quilts, but I don't love it. Despite that I wanted to try something more complex than I have in the past. 

As a result of the quality instructions contained in the book, I got my block and the runner together and I'm very happy with the results. After completing my block I even messaged Suzy and asked her if she was ok if I didn't do the runner so I could make a larger quilt down the line because I was so happy with how the block turned out. That was just temporary insanity though, because I don't have time to add another large quilt to my WIP pile. 

Into the table runner the block went. It still needs to be quilted, but it fits perfectly on our kitchen table.

Thank you for taking the time to hop over and read today. Keep scrolling down for the full schedule and giveaway.

Folk Art Quilted Traditions Schedule

Monday October 10th

Tuesday October 11th

Wednesday October 12th

Thursday October 13th

Friday October 14th

Saturday October 15th – Final Wrap-up


Suzy Webster is giving away a copy of her book and some beautiful fabrics. Use the rafflecopter widget below to enter.