First Finish of 2016 & Free Pattern Link

Back in June of last year I blogged about On the Go which I made for my son. As of that post I had half the center quilted when I had to put it aside to work on quilts that had deadlines (babies being born or already arrived). On the dining room table it sat until right after Christmas when I had some time off, and my new machine started giving me issues and had to go to get repaired.

It may seem silly, but I started quilting it on my Kenmore (Janome packaged with the Kenmore name) , and so it seemed only natural to finish on that machine. Plus, I didn't have to wind a new bobbin and waste the one I had wound. So out came my Kenmore and On the Go. It took 2 days to finish the center with lots of supervision. 

Once done with the center I was a bit stuck on what to do with the inner border. With only 1" to work with my choices seemed limited. I came up with the design playing around with the shapes in word. I printed off a ton of strips and tried to just pin them on thinking I could sew over them and tear them off. After that didn't work I made a template and marked them over the entire border.

Once marked, I stitched them using free motion. It was great practice and I am happy with the result. By the end I was feeling very comfortable and had found a rhythm. It is the first time I did a free motion quilting design that required traveling over previous stitching.

On the outer border I started doing something different in every square and only got about 3 squares done when I decided it wasn't going to work. I spent the next morning ripping out stitches. Normally I would have just gone with it, but it just didn't feel right. In the end I went with vertical lines about 1/2" apart because I felt like it needed that movement to finish it off. 

Friday night I started the binding and completed it at around 1 AM. I just couldn't put it down and leave it unfinished at that point. Also, I had my supervisor pushing me to get it done. After stitching the binding on I used Clover Wonder Clips to secure it down. I used up all the clips I had and didn't get the whole quilt. Ended up finishing it when it was in the machine. I never 'got' spending extra money on the clips till now. They really made dealing with the bulk of the binding easier. The binding was machine finished because I personally feel on high usage quilts it holds up better.

I moved her so I got the stink eye.

My son was very happy with the finished product and sat there for about a half hour pointing out the cars to me and saying "vroom vroom" and "beep beep". I was lucky to get to photograph it after it was done. Also, I put together a free pattern of this quilt. To get it you can either click here or on the last picture in this post. Please enjoy the many pictures and thank you for reading!

Image below will take you to the free pattern on my Craftsy shop.