Throwback Thursday: Fall Leaves Rag Quilt

In some places fall is starting, or maybe in full swing (can't tell from Arizona), so I thought it was a great time to do a Throwback Thursday blog post on my Fall Leaves Rag Quilt. This quilt was started in 2004, and finished in 2005, while I was stationed overseas in the Slovak Republic. When I wasn't on post I could be found sewing in my room a good portion of the time. 

The machine I sewed on that time was a very basic machine I purchased in my previous duty station of Pretoria, South Africa. Because the power in Africa & Europe runs on 220 volts, which is different from the 110 volts we run on in the US, I didn't feel comfortable using the Bernina my grandmother had given me, for fear it would mess with the mechanical timing of the machine.

I was about to finish a lap quilt and needed something to do so I asked my Aunt to send me the flannel fat quarters to make the Rustling Leaves Pattern, by Prairie Grove Peddler, I had purchased at her shop, Peddler's Wagon, last time I was home. To this day, I still vividly remember the feeling when I opened up the box. It smelled like Peddler's Wagon. It was very comforting being so far from home.

The quilt sandwiches took some time because I obsessively planned the placement of the squares and leaves before sewing. This quilt now lives on the couch in the game room and is used often by myself and the cats (as you can see by the kitty hair in the other pictures).