What a Hoot

Babies, babies, and more babies. At least that seems to be where me and my friends are in our lives right now. One great thing about everyone having babies is it gives me an excuse to make baby quilts. Those cute, fun, unique quilts that are loved and cherished by their little owners until they are shreds of what they once were. Literally loved to pieces. At least that is my hope when I make them. This week I'm going to introduce What a Hoot which I'm in the process of making for a friend.

The making of the top.

My friend decided to do her nursery in grey and yellow with an owl theme. When I started planning her baby quilt I found one fabric with grey and yellow owls and it just wasn't right. My friend is a math teacher so when drawing out the quilt I went with a more modern design. Large blocks with an owl as an accent in the lower corner. After drawing out the design on graph paper it was time to fabric shop.

The quilt design was planned so that none of the blocks were larger than a fat quarter. Needless to say I went a bit overboard at the fabric store because I wanted variety to play around (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). Once home I pressed the pieces and started playing on the design wall. Of course I had help from one of my furry minions.

Auditioning fabrics on the design wall.

Once I decided on the fabric for each piece I got to cutting and sewing the top. In my excitement I didn't think about the fact that it would have been much easier to applique the owl before sewing the top together.

For the owl applique I kept it simple. One owl with a very easy design and not too many pieces to applique (it isn't my favorite thing to do). Steam-a-seam lite was the fusible I used to adhere the owl to the top, and I stitched around the pieces with matching thread and a blanket stitch. As usual I had help from a furry minion.

I finished appliqueing the top about 30 minutes before I had to leave for the baby shower. Hoping to get it quilted before the baby is born. This top was really a blast to make and I was extremely happy with how it turned out (and my friend was also). 

Because I was so happy with it I decided to pattern it. There are already plans to make it again in pink, green, and black and white. The pattern just got done being tested so keep an eye out for the finished pattern to go up on the website.