Minion Army Adventures: The Battle of the Sewing Room

Help! A hooligan and his furry sidekick broke into my sewing room and destroyed it. He was about 2' 7", had blond hair, wild blue eyes, and a devilish smile! His partner in crime was white with brown, tan, and black spots and has a nub for a tail. This is not the first time they have done this. What am I to do?

I am ashamed to say that this was my sewing room after a particularly challenging night with my 18 month old (note the fold down Ikea couch with no mattress), and what I was facing going into the Mystery Quilt Along. At the time this picture was taken I was convinced that my minion army (my son and furry children) were out to destroy my quilting world, but then again you could have convinced me that unicorns existed after a 3:30 am wake-up and the refusal of my son to go back to sleep. After some time to quietly contemplate the situation, and a very large cup of coffee, I decided I should seize the opportunity and use this as motivation to get things more organized while exacting the most cruel revenge I could think of on my son. Cleaning! So we got to it. I pulled my largest box of stash fabric out and tasked him with fabric organization! He was miserable, as you can see from the below pictures, and I did not have any fun watching him at all. It was pure torture!

After a while I realized my plan had backfired! Why was he not miserable? Could it be that my little minion was getting fabric therapy instead of a punishment?! Oh, well, I guess that's what happens when you plot your revenge on just a few hours sleep. At least I should be able to train the leader of my minion army how to take over the world with fabric....I mean learn how to quilt.

Now armed with an ally on my team we set forth to battle the gremlins, fairies, sprites, trolls, and goblins on our quest to reclaim my sewing room. After many skirmishes fraught with blood, sweat, and tears, we won our hard fought war for the side of creativity and productivity. The room was clean and organized, fabric stash put away, and rulers and notions organized. The kingdom was finally at peace! For now...