Humble Beginnings

From the moment I can remember quilts and sewing have been a part of my life, but it wasn't until the last couple of years that I even considered trying to do it for a living. Today I am reaching, what I feel is a big milestone in my dream to share my love of making quilts with others, and helping people along their own journey, no matter where it may take them.

So how did this all start? Well, I'm a 6th generation quilter that grew up around quilters. My first real memory of sewing anything is of my grandmother teaching me to sew strait and curved lines on a piece of paper. Little did I know at the time that it would set the foundation for a lifetime of creation. I'm not 100% sure how old I was when I made my first "quilt", maybe 7 or 8, but it is one of my Grandma's favorite stories to tell. It was a doll blanket that was 2 pieces of fabric sewn together with batting in between and like most young children my attention span toward any activity was limited, so when I took a break to go to the park with my mom, my Grandma thought it would make me happy if she finished it for me. While I don't remember getting upset over her finishing it, she does. I still have that doll blanket to this day.

My first quilt made at age 16 with the help of my grandmother.

What I consider to be my first quilt I made with the help of my Grandmother at the age of 16. A trip to JoAnns and an excursion through the scraps in my Grandmother's stash and we had everything we needed to plant a seed that would bloom into a dream. As soon as I completed my first top I bought fabric and made a second top as a graduation gift for a friend. I was hooked.  On my next trip to Kansas City, Missouri to visit family I made a trip to my Aunt's store, Peddler's Wagon, in Parkville to purchase the supplies for my next quilt (which I did not actually finish for years) and started my stash of UFO's. Over the span of about 10 years I made a handful of quilt tops for my friends, family, and myself . While in the Marine Corps I found ways to make quilt tops even with limited space and having to pack up and move regularly. My Aunt even aided my fabric addiction by sending me fabric when I was overseas.

French Country Star made from birthday present fabric purchased for me by my husband.

Fast forward to July 2010 when my husband and I wandered in to The Quilter's Market in Tucson, AZ to purchase fabric for my birthday. Little did I know this would be the catalyst that would set me on a path of learning and self discovery I couldn't even imagine. There I would make leaps and bounds in honing my quilt making skills, but more importantly I would grow as a person and gain invaluable friendships which I believe is one of the cornerstones of what makes quilting so great. There I was surrounded by inspiration and would go on to create Talavera Tile, my first design. 

Talavera Tile made in two different color ways.

The next few years  were filled with many major life events, moving, marrying my best friend, and having our first child. While I still quilted, the dream of designing, teaching, and advancing my quilting dreams got put on hold until just recently. I am now writing a new chapter of my quilting journey. Who knows what time will bring, but I am happy to have your company along the way.